Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hold On

Dancing to : "Hold On" - Rusko feat. Amber Coffman

Oh my this song has been on repeat for my the past couple days. I love Amber Coffman's voice in this song produced by Rusko. 

Today I'm wearing my fall dress.. like a sundress in shape but the long sleeves, neutrals and navy blue top make It perfect for fall. I paired It with knee highs tucked into some light brown booties, can't forget this plum velvet bag. I bought this as a classy small bag that I can take out with me cause after all I will be 21 in 2 days!! Every girl needs a small bag to take out to house their ID and money. :) I've been super busy with midterms and birthday planning that I don't have time to continue today but there will be a birthday post in a couple days. <3 xoxo

Dress: Blues and Shoes
Booties: Ragz Dressware

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Spinning around to : "Sæglopur " -Sigur Ros [Enigma Remix]

"Return to Innocence" is the song that made Enigma so well known that is also a song I love but checkout this remix they've done with a Sigur Ros song! Sigur Rós ( meaning Victory and Rose) is a rock band with a classical twist from Iceland. They are one out of only a couple bands that I don't mind that I can't understand the lyrics... the sounds are beautiful.

Today I am wearing this rust colored sheer blouse that makes me want to spin around all day :P The color is perfect for fall and matches the wooden heel on my Lita's quite well. I can't take these babies off! 

hahah had to share this! ^^

Rust Blouse: Ragz Dressware
Leopard Skirt: The Beat
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's : NastyGal
Knock off Marc Jacob's bag: Downtown LA

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Music Sounds Better With You

Listening to : "Music Sounds Better With You" - Daft Punk/ Stardust

I'm sure you've heard "Music Sounds Better With You" by Stardust, if not here's a funky jam for you to listen to. I had to get this guitar necklace when I saw the song title on It and I'm loving small pendant necklaces right now to layer with others. An even better addition to my closet is my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's!!! 

Words cannot express the excitement I had when my mom told be about this birthday present, when I saw the package at the door and when I slipped them on for the first time. They really are SO comfortable! I got them yesterday and today was the perfect weather to try them out, It has been cloudy enough for boots and a sweater but not too cold.. perfect.  I'm also wearing my aztec printed sweater which is a fun piece to throw on an otherwise bland outfit. 

Sweater: Blues and Shoes
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Blues and Shoes
Jeffrey Campbell Lita: NastyGal

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

show me love

dancing to : "Rolling in the Deep x Show Me Love" Mashup - Adele & Robin S [ DJS from Mars Remix]

This is a DJS From Mars remix of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and Robin S' "Show Me Love". These are 2 songs I love and a mash up makes It even better. A "mash up" is when a DJ takes 2 songs and mixes them together, there are definitely a lot of interesting ones out there. Well, Start dancing!! :)

An Adele inspired photo. The classic B&W with ballet bun hairstyle. My outfit for the day is in fact a remix to the Adele style, I always see her wearing a black dress and that hairstyle she refers to as her "ginger biscuit". I also changed It up with a printed black dress, my over the knee black boots and beige thigh high socks. A mash up,  If you will of summer and winter styles. I love wearing boots and when you can see socks peeking through It gives the look some more interest.

Dress,Socks& Jewelry - Forever 21
Boots- The Beat (Carlsbad, CA)

Monday, October 10, 2011


foot tapping to : "Armistice" - Phoenix

Phoenix is a great band which I know many of you have heard before. I just wanted to share with you this acoustic version of the song "Armistice" . 

To accompany this alternative song, today I decided to go a bit edgy. I love this leather vest and  denim cut offs added a little bit more edge. As much as I like dressing a little edgy, It's important to still have that feminine touch so I paired the vest with a pink tank top. The sun came back to San Diego so I was able to pull this look off but I'm also planning on wearing this vest over long sleeves for the fall.

Heels: Blues and Shoes
Denim Cut Offs: Forever 21
Coral tank: The Beat
Leather Vest: Forever 21
Turban: Forever 21

Friday, October 7, 2011


Loving: "Titanium"- David Guetta feat. Sia

This song I have been playing on repeat as I drive around San Diego. "Titanium" is a song by David Guetta and singer Sia. Sia is the vocals on this track and Guetta you can thank for everything else! It was just release a couple months ago, August 2011 and is already at the top of the charts, especially in Europe. It's classified as Electro House and my favorite part has to be the intro, I can't get those beats of of my head and  Sia's vocals are excellent on this track! I just wanted to share with you all this brilliant song :)

Fashion speaking... this outfit is completely inspired by the season. Burgundy has dibs on being the color of fall and I am loving It. It's easy to have tops in an abundance of colors but pants... brings it to a different level. I was so excited to try these on at Forever 21 and then the love grew even more, these aren't the typical Forever 21 denim feel, they are the Forever 21 Divine Rights of Denim line. They are extremely comfortable and well made. They also have gold zippers at the ankle, which you will see another time :) I paired these pants with a simple black tank, a tribal print blazer and some suede heeled boots. 

Look who walked outside to join the photo shoot...

Burgundy Jeans-Forever 21
Tribal Blazer- Forever 21
Jewelry- Forever 21 & Blues and Shoes
Boots- Reflection