Tuesday, October 11, 2011

show me love

dancing to : "Rolling in the Deep x Show Me Love" Mashup - Adele & Robin S [ DJS from Mars Remix]

This is a DJS From Mars remix of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and Robin S' "Show Me Love". These are 2 songs I love and a mash up makes It even better. A "mash up" is when a DJ takes 2 songs and mixes them together, there are definitely a lot of interesting ones out there. Well, Start dancing!! :)

An Adele inspired photo. The classic B&W with ballet bun hairstyle. My outfit for the day is in fact a remix to the Adele style, I always see her wearing a black dress and that hairstyle she refers to as her "ginger biscuit". I also changed It up with a printed black dress, my over the knee black boots and beige thigh high socks. A mash up,  If you will of summer and winter styles. I love wearing boots and when you can see socks peeking through It gives the look some more interest.

Dress,Socks& Jewelry - Forever 21
Boots- The Beat (Carlsbad, CA)


  1. lovely outfit!


  2. outfit perfect!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!!!!!

  3. http://perfectlikeparis.blogspot.com
    XX Sandrine

  4. cute outfit!! in love with your boots! (:


  5. oh the boots are soo cute!! i love this whole ensemble of an outfit!! great post girl! :))


  6. found your blog i also live in san diego :)