Friday, October 7, 2011


Loving: "Titanium"- David Guetta feat. Sia

This song I have been playing on repeat as I drive around San Diego. "Titanium" is a song by David Guetta and singer Sia. Sia is the vocals on this track and Guetta you can thank for everything else! It was just release a couple months ago, August 2011 and is already at the top of the charts, especially in Europe. It's classified as Electro House and my favorite part has to be the intro, I can't get those beats of of my head and  Sia's vocals are excellent on this track! I just wanted to share with you all this brilliant song :)

Fashion speaking... this outfit is completely inspired by the season. Burgundy has dibs on being the color of fall and I am loving It. It's easy to have tops in an abundance of colors but pants... brings it to a different level. I was so excited to try these on at Forever 21 and then the love grew even more, these aren't the typical Forever 21 denim feel, they are the Forever 21 Divine Rights of Denim line. They are extremely comfortable and well made. They also have gold zippers at the ankle, which you will see another time :) I paired these pants with a simple black tank, a tribal print blazer and some suede heeled boots. 

Look who walked outside to join the photo shoot...

Burgundy Jeans-Forever 21
Tribal Blazer- Forever 21
Jewelry- Forever 21 & Blues and Shoes
Boots- Reflection


  1. I love those pants Little! And your jewelry is amazing as always :)

  2. Really nice outfit! I like your blazer! :)