Friday, September 30, 2011

The Funeral

Band Of Horses: The Funeral [Butch Clancy Remix]

I have to introduce, Butch Clancy! This DJ from Detroit refers to himself as "half human, half subwoofer" and I have to agree. He puts a Dub Step spin to many alternative rock based music and does It with excellence. This is the first dub step artist I came across that has me hooked on every creation. Any recommendations for others I might enjoy?

As far as "The Funeral", this is a Remix to a Band Of Horses original. The somber tone of this song works beautifully with Clancy's deep bass additions and electronic riffs. 

Yesterday the darkness of this song inspired me to mimic that in my color palette. This past year, I have introduced myself tremendously to color. It's easy to get stuck always wearing black so even for this look I chose a grey dress as an alternative. 

This grey dress I bought on sale even though It was a bit too big, giving me reason to experiment. Although I pair a belt with most of my dresses, It's a great way of synching extra fabric in this case. Since most of my dresses have the standard scoop neckline I spun this one around and wore It backwards! Now I know I can wear this dress at least 2 ways which makes the sale even better, considering It was less then $20.

Dress-Ragz Dressware
Boots - The Beat

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  1. I love the polka dots on the back! I hadn't noticed that before.

    I love your style :)