Sunday, September 25, 2011

Combat Baby

Marching to : Metric - Combat Baby

I bought this hot romper on sale yesterday and was so excited to put It on! In this case my romper brought me back to an old fav, the song Combat Baby by Metric. So of course, I have It playing on repeat :)

This military inspired jumpsuit I originally bought as a bold look to wear for fall but as my best friend suggested, what an ideal Halloween costume! I can't believe It's almost Halloween, then MY BIRTHDAY, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays are right around the corner!

I'm also introducing my [Bamboo] heeled boots that I slipped into every chance I got last fall. I can't wait to do so again!

Take a look at my military ensemble...

As far as the song, It has inspired me to listen to more Metric, listen to another hit " Sick Muse". OH and please admire Emily Haines' (vocalist)  fabulous outfits! 

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  1. Great choice of songs!
    Really nice outfit!Also you have a great blog!

    wanna follow each other? :)