Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today I found inspiration from the album artwork on Discovery's LP. The citrus orange and vibrant baby blue look beautiful together, and reminded me of a scarf I recently bought :) Being opposite of each other on the color wheel, orange and blue are made to compliment each other. These vibrant hues extracted from the primary colors work much better for me. Standard blue and orange remind me too much of Padres, being from San Diego.

Discovery is an indie rock and electronic band created by great musicians from the band's Ra Ra Riot ( Wesley Miles - Vocalist) and Vampire Weekend (Rostam Batmanglij - Keyboardist) . As far as their LP album, I am in love with their song "Swing Tree".  Based on knowing this collaboration and hearing this song, I'm excited to start listening to more from them. What's even better, is that vocalist Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend is featured in parts of the album. I encourage you now to listen to Discovery, as do I. If you haven't already opened up your ears to Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, do the same.

Discovery- Swing Tree

Blazer: Ragz Dressware
Grey Sweater: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Nude Flats: H&M
Scarf: Pink Zone 

P.S. This scarf I found on Nasty Gal months ago and HAD to buy It when I saw It at Pink Zone for only $8. "If you love something and let It go.. It might come back cheaper" haha. Sometimes you get lucky like that :) Look who else pretends to love this scarf, my favorite cat named "Wheels". Poor guy gets made fun of for his unique name, a certain someone thought they were clever when they were younger ;) "Wheels" is because he's so fast, It's like he's on wheels. Ok not the best name, but he still answers to it!


  1. um I ABSOLUTELY love the combination of the scarf and blazer. The scarf looks better on Wheels though ;-)


  2. thanks so much! I know, I can't help It... he's a cutie :)


  3. blue blazers are becoming such a staple


  4. heyyyy
    i was eaves dropping on some of my coworkers at my pr firm and they said that Zipbuds needs their own blogger to blog about music and stuff. once their fb page hits like 600 likes they want to find a music blogger to blog for them and in return your blog would be promoted on their site.

    ps you are adorable

  5. Thank you!

    really? That's awesome. I would love to be a part If they're looking for someone :) Does your PR firm do work for Zipbuds then?