Friday, August 19, 2011

Color Me Ombre

Ombre is the latest hair trend that I fell in love with. I've had dark brown hair for years and always wanted to experience going lighter, without damaging the roots. Ombre is the answer to my dreams! Ombre is a color change, usually where the bottom becomes lighter, as far as hair... It is usually bleached ends. There are many variations of ombre, depending on the original hair color, how many steps you take and how long you keep on the bleach. Ombre will definitely cost you unless you're willing to be brave like me and do It yourself. I only did one step, at least for now.. I bleached about 5 inches of the ends of my hair for 30 minutes. Keeping the bleach on longer will give you a more drastic effect. Also you can do the first step as well as re-doing It after but farther up your hair so you can visually see 3 color variations instead of 2. If you are holding on to this final month of summer, give yourself an ombre makeover to still look. It will be a nice contrast against fall clothing.

Celebrities with ombre include Rachel Bilson, model Abby Lee Kershaw, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad and many others. Other then ombre hair, Im seeing this trend on many jewelry pieces especially chains that appear dip dyed on necklaces. Look for mine in a future post. Enjoy the photos as well as my favorite Youtube DIY Ombre Tutuorial by TmaraCo. <3 :)

My ombre Hair...

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