Friday, August 19, 2011

Stop and Stare

What makes someone "stop and stare" more then a neon floral dress paired with edgy accessories? This was a Betsey Johnson inspired look although my only BJ piece here is my lovely pink skull charm bracelet.   The dress is from Ragz Dressware in Carlsbad, CA, my shoes are a pair of last years fall heels from Forever 21. This look is completely "ME". Of course all my outfits are "me" since I style them but the best words to describe my looks are "contrasting between girly and edgy", which is definitely shown here.

"Stop and Stare" is also the name of a hit by Fenech-Soler. Fenech-Soler is a British electropop band. The band came together in 2006 and people started dancing to "Stop and Stare" in 2010. The last music post "Walking on a Dream" explains running toward or away from situations. As for "Stop and Stare" the lyrics touch on not knowing where you're going so you stop. 

"We stop and stare,
cause we don't know where we're going
We brave the cold,we try to hide our fear"

I think this touches on sometimes being at that place in your life where everything happens at once and you get scared so without even thinking about It you stop. Life is about constantly moving and adapting to those changes, there's no room for stopping. If you ended up there, you got yourself there and you need to move through It. There's no stopping when things get too hard, unless you want to become what you aren't. 


  1. I love this! Love your shoes, love your dress, and I love YOU!! so cute