Friday, August 19, 2011

Played It To The Beat

Yesterday was fabulous, I worked during the day and straight after work I headed to the Adele concert with my good friend, Wilhelmina!!! So of course I wanted an outfit to transform from work to concert. The outfit pictured I wore to work and I just changed into black cowboy boots for the show :) Adele is so amazing live, her voice is beautiful and her personality is so fun. She had me laughing every time she joked in-between songs. I loved hearing the stories behind all her songs. It was interesting to hear she is now back in contact and friends with her ex, which her album "21" is about.

Instead of naming this post a song title, I named It from lyrics in "Rolling In the Deep". I didn't just want to focus on one song because I encourage you all to listen to her whole album. The video is from last nights concert, some one else posted. It really is beautiful to hear her and the crowd sing back to "Someone Like You"

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