Monday, August 15, 2011

Walking on a Dream

Empire of the Sun is beginning to be noticed on the radio, especially with their song "Walking on a Dream". I love how this song can calm me down, the beat is great and the lyrics are very relatable.  The feelings explained really are sometimes like walking in or on a dream. The song explains "running for the thrill of It. I think we all run figuratively toward or away from situations. I know I have the tendancy to do so, If I can't handle something, I run away. At the same time you may run toward a new and more exciting venture of your life. Enough of this rant, enjoy the tunes :)

Relating to "Walking on a Dream", I am wearing one of my favorite dream catcher necklaces from H&M. It's a soft touch against the black lace, as well as a nice pair with my nude denim.  I particularly like the sheer lace with the nude denim because there's not a harsh line at my hips from the pants. The color of these pants elongate the body, just as nude heels... to be seen in a future post :)

As you can see, my hair is a bit different. I tried the "ombre" effect myself and It didn't turn out like I wanted but It's growing on me. In my next post I'll explain this new hair trend and show you items you can find with "ombre" as well. 

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  1. hey girl:) you've such a cute face and loveee the lipstick.. want!