Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Speak No Americano

Grab a glass of Merlot and let the music fill your ears...

This Yolanda Be Cool song, "We Speak No Americano" is a great addition to house music. It's one of those songs you can enjoy at home or get down to at the club ;) The catchy beat is what had me for this song. My bestfriend Maryam studied abroad in Italy and said this song was popular there at the time, It came on to the radio scene here about a year later. It's interesting how different countries are so ahead of us, as far as music and fashion. 

I kept It casual today with my Italian inspiration. My white "C'est Chic" off the shoulder is so comfy, unlike my flats I still need to break in. My feet tend to be sensitive until a couple wears. This bright red flat I couldn't resist! Especially for under $15 at H&M. It's so fun to add some color where you least expect It. 

Top & Jeans:Forever 21 Flats&Bag: H&M


  1. You are so gorgeous! I love you

    ps can you please post your default picture in your blog, you look amazing and i want to see it bigger.

  2. aw you're so sweet! Love you!
    I will in a future post, just for you :)