Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The First Single

Reminiscing to : The Format, "The First Single"

Today marks the first interview for Embracing Melody. I interviewed Naz Isik, a good friend and the fashionista behind "Oh The Savoir Faire". She is one of the few bloggers that post every single day and all of her outfits are so beautiful yet different from each other.  Check It out right now and read her fun responses to the interview!

Interview: Oh The Savoir Faire's Naz Isik 

What is your favorite music album?
My favorite music album would probably have to be Shakira's Oral Fixation. I haven't listened to it in a while but I remember how empowering her songs were on the cd, and of course I loved all of them. 
Have you ever found inspiration from music for fashion, and in what way?
I do think music inspires my fashion choices, a little more subconsciously though. Sometimes you want something more foot tapping and country or boho. Other times you have a more whimsical feel where you want to put on some Imogen Heap, a flowy dress, an oversized scarf and put a wreath on your head you know? haha it all just depends on the mood you're in.

When you're in a hurry, what is your "go-to" shoe?

Well, shoes don't usually take very long to put on and I try to always allot a shoe choosing time , however, if I was in a rush I'd probably pick my nude heels or my gold moccasin flats.
What song keeps playing in your head?
Ever since high school I've loved The First Single by The Format. It is just so upbeat and catchy. I have a lot of great memories attached to it so it is always a song I have on repeat in my head.

What designer piece do you wish you had? 

Whether It be a shoe, coat, watch, necklace, etc…
Ahh well if I can really dream here.. the Birkin. No questions.
I know you are a strong believer that fashion has no rules, 
what is one trend you NEVER enjoyed?
Kitten Heels!!! Sure the name sounds cute but no good can come of them. 
If you could have an endless supply of either:
clothing, shoes or jewelry, 
which would you choose? 
I suppose I would have an endless supply of clothing. I love shoes but nude pumps can go with everything and you can't be very creative with them. With clothing, the possibilities are endless
If you could raid a musician's closet, who would It be?
If I could raid a musicians closet I would definitely have to pick Taylor Swift, or actually, does Selena Gomez count? Both have a very distinct style; although they are different I would love to raid either of those closets. Also Lady Gaga, can you imagine all the weird and wonderful things you would find it there??
We know you're a dancer from your lovely tutu! Name a song you liked to dance along with.
I did my first solo to Elton John's Your Song. It is such a beautiful song and has stuck with me for years. My favorite type of dance is contemporary so it is the perfect song for both reasons
What was the best concert you attended?
My favorite concert had to have been Maroon 5 with my best friend Courtney last year. It was a disaster, one woman told us to stop singing along so loud, some others said they would tell on us if we didn't sit down, and our ride didn't pick us up so we were stuck in the rain for an hour afterward. Nonetheless it was an amazing time. Great music and great friends can surpass anything

Naz is a good friend of mine and I found out some things she's been hiding, like her great taste in music! First of all "The First Single" by The Format is a song I had playing all the time a few years ago. I'm glad she reminded me of It, and now I can get It stuck in your head as well :P I'm going to try to change her mind about the kitten heels. It's hard to find cute kitten heels, but It can be done! Stay tuned 

P.S. her bestfriend Courtney whom she talked about is my next interview! How exciting :)

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