Monday, September 12, 2011

Take me to Betseyville

It's New York Fashion week ! This is such an inspiring week for fashionistas, someday I will be there watching all the runway models debuting new lines from countless designers. The new line I can't wait to see is Spring 2012 Betsey Johnson. About 10 years ago I was watching a program on the TLC Network and a 30 minute show about designer Betsey Johnson came on. I learned that Betsey Johnson started out showing her designs to stores. She finally found one that agreed to sell It and all the money she got from her design she would use to make the next one. Before she knew It, she had a whole collection and now she has stores all over the United States.

Betsey Johnson is such an inspiration to me. I wanted to share with you all her stunning Spring 2011 collection to give you some eye candy until tonight. After all, September 12, 2011 6:00 PM is Betsey Johnson's Spring 2012 fashion show in Manhattan. Don't you worry though, It will be streaming live !

Spring 2011

More at Elle

The Spring 2011 line is intriguing with all the hand painted dresses, strappy bralettes, nautical blazers and sheer maxi dresses. 

So what can we look forward to tonight?

Let the Coutdown begin! xoxo


  1. Betsey's lines never fail to impress. What did you think of today's show??


  2. It was amazing! Possibly my favorite, there will be a connection in a post later this week <3